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Regionally, it is managed to say that Marshyangdi River is one of the enraged rivers in Nepal and represents one of the greatest whitewater rivers in the realm. As it is one of the best grade 4 rafting rivers in the world-continuous, invigorating whitewater with sumptuous mountain panoramas. The landscape is majestic with every curve of the river clearing up pristine sights of some of the world's highest mountains.

 If vigorous escapade is all you seek, you'll feel it on this voyage with one day of light hiking and five days of intensive rafting. Only freshly revealed for commercial rafting (many rapids have not been named yet), the Marshyangdi is one of the succeeding ranks of rivers in Nepal, more precipitous and with a much more consecutive extent of rapids. Exuding off the Northerly slopes of the Annapurna Mountains, this “raging river” is sheer, professional, and not to be underrated! This magnificent whitewater venture gives some of the most thrilling rapids in the world with glimpses of some of the most virgin terrains. Offering two days of strong, challenging, and endless crystal pure whitewater rapids, it is no blow that this is one of our most successful and renowned trips.

Nagdi or Bhulbhule, the put-in spots for Marshyandi River Rafting is 5 to 6 hours ride by our private van west of Kathmandu to the beach. If you begin from Nagdi than Porters transportation all the rafting gear and other requirements for the current and you'll have around 2-hour trek. Riding from Pokhara can also be arrayed. The 35 km of river activity needs 2 days to reach the endpoint, Bimal Nagar.

Marshyangdi River is an excellent option for those desiring an intense and extreme rafting trip and is better adapted to those who have had preceding rafting adventure. The half-day hike is a plus point to the uniqueness of this tour. Marshyandi River is an admirable composition for the astonishing scenery and an adventure that this tour offers. Marshyandi River rafting/kayaking is recognized as one of the best white water adventures in the world.

If you’re scanning for a quick length trip packed of adventure, this rafting voyage is just the proper for enthusiasts like you!


After arriving in the lovely capital if Nepal via Tribhuwan International Airport, our agents will be there to receive you and transfer you to one of the standard hotels of Kathmandu. Freshen yourself up from the tiring flight.
You’ll have a very wonderful time by exploring some of the greatest cultural and historical heritages of Kathmandu. Have a very gracious time and prepare for your rafting by buying some of the crucial personal materials.
Abandoning Kathmandu in the fresh morning, it’s a lengthy eight-hour tour to Khudi. There is no rafting on this day, but the hike is pleasant with elegant avenues and average Nepali villages onward the way. At Khudi, all the equipment is cast and a short hike happens. Once Bhulbhule has arrived, the camp is arranged up at one of the vantage spots from where magnificent views of the Himalaya can be had. Sunset views are inspiring. Overnight in Bhulbhule.
This day commences with a small trek to the put-in point, Ngadi. Scenes and vibrations on this trek are appealing. Soon after energizing lunch, the action starts as the trip inaugurates here. Marsyangdi is full of fun and spills and any strong rafter will verify it. The venture gets off to a good origin as many rapids arrive soon after. Rapids Instant Karma, Twinkie, Adrenaline, etc. provide indescribable thrills. The river is avenging if any mistake has to be compensated for by a whack down. The first stop on the river banks is at Khudi where the campsite is set up. Overnight in Khudi.
The river looks bigger every day. Thus, the ride gets more jarring and there is much maneuvering to do. The area is encompassed by dense green jungle and the boat lurches through gorges. Following five hours of fun on the rapids and ravines, it is an opportunity to stop for lunch on a stock sandy shore. After savory lunch, more ventures ensues on the plunging waters of the Marshyangdi which holds the rafters to the camping place before Middle Marsyangdi Hydro Dam, on one of the various artistic and ample sandy beaches.
This day commences with a shift to Paundi which is behind the Dam. As this detailed structure appears in the way, there is a crack in the river trip and everything has to be transported across to a point extra down from it. The next put-in spot is at Paundi from were extra 3 hours of rafting starts facing Class III rapids. This pleasant trip ends at Turture. Nonetheless, those craving to carry on additional down have an arbitrary fifth day on the river. This day is a delightful picturesque float from Turture to Bimalnagar with no rapids to undertake.
Time to announce valediction to Nepal. Appreciate your ultimate moments in Kathmandu including breakfast in a café, a town stroll, or memorial shopping token of Kathmandu. An agent of our company will join you at your lodge and transport you to the airport for your return from aviation to home. It's suited to be at the airport at least two hours before departure.



What is Included?

  • Ground Transportation via private vans.
  • Tasty Meals, (breakfast, lunch, dinner) throughout your rafting trip.
  • All the necessary River Permit.
  • All Mandatory materials as high-quality, self-bailing rafts, headgears, lifejackets, plastic paddles, swimsuits) on particular rivers, waterproof packs for gear, camera barrels, and all safety and pharmaceutical equipment.
  • All the necessary staff (Guide, Helpers, Cook, etc.)
  • Tented comfort in a stunning river beach with a campfire.
  • Safety rafting with all essentials.
  • Meals, accommodation, coverage for all staff, and their shipping.
  • Journey components combine professional guides with necessary drills and leadership
  • First aid kit box in necessary situations.
  • Emergency evacuation assistance.

What is Excluded?

  • Unrelated transportation, accommodation, visas, travel documents, departure taxes, etc.
  • Footwear and personal items like sunscreens, lip balm, etc.
  • Articles of a person using nature including swimwear, towel, and toiletries
  • Insurance of participants.
  • Tips for guides
  • Sightseeing costs.
  • All liquors, snacks, and additional charges such as laundry, hot showers, battery charging, Wi-Fi, etc.
Trip Info

  • Astonishing Marshyandi River and valiant escapade of rafting.
  • Feel your adrenaline rushing on grade IV and V rapids.
  • Tents on the beach beneath the glimpse of a popular highest mountains of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.
  • Sheer, challenging, and continuous but adventurous rapids.
  • Easy and no trouble connecting to beautiful Bandipur.
  • Fulfill your adrenaline with the dose of adventurous desire with a breathe taking rafting.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.
  • And also witness the local way of living.
  • Witness the great hospitality of our agency and also promote the local economy.

Equipment Checklist




Rafting gears are very necessary to have our rafting safer, securing, and exciting. It is always a big idea to bring necessary river gears of some sort on a mostly multi-day trip. We can't comprehend when the weather will change and your fantasies of sleeping on the beach will turn into a nightmare. Also, the nights in the sandy beach and between the deep ravines might be cold or sometimes-punishing so rafting gears are really necessary to handle all these problems that may arise your invigorating trip.




These gears are usually provided by our company so that you can enjoy your days and trip full of comfort without any safety issues. Make sure you’re wearing kinds of stuff like a life jacket, helmet, etc properly.


  • Helmet
  • High-quality Carbon Paddle
  • Dry duffle waterproof bags
  • Synthetic Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sunglasses
  • Wet Suit
  • Dry Suit
  • Self-bailing raft
  • Necessary Life Jackets




These person items are really necessary and should be noted to feel comfortable in Extreme River and beach day. Pack the necessary small items, not in bulk, or else you’ll be packed in a lot of items that will be way thriftier.

  • Sunscreen
  • Lotion
  • Rafting Slippers
  • Quick Drying T-shirt and shorts
  • Flashlight or headlights for nights in camp
  • Insect Repellant
  • Large Ziplock/Plastic bags for wet clothes
  • Regular consuming Medical prescribed drugs
  • Bulky Waterproof Jackets
  • Bike gloves to protect the hand while paddling




To cherish moments forever, to withdraw money, and for buying souvenir after rafting in put-out point, here are some technical gears that should be packed. So that you won’t run out of materials at the end.


§  Binoculars

§  Camera

§  Credit cards/ATM cards

§  Books/GPS navigators

§  Travel diary or any Journals to cherish experiences.


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