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The devastating Novel Corona pandemic has shaken up the whole world causing some of the biggest country’s economy to collapse and take thousands of lives. The UN’S Framework for the Immediate Socio-Economic Response to the COVID 19 Crisis always alerts us that “The COVID-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis: it is downgrading societies and economies at their deep-down level. While the impact of the pandemic will vary from country to country, it will most likely increase poverty and inequalities at a global scale, making the achievement of SDGs even more urgent.” While the whole world is suffering, battling the pandemic, nature has slowly started to restore itself in parts of the world. Now that humans are nowhere to be seen except their houses, the pollution levels have dropped significantly and nature has been greener than ever.

Empty streets have been the new normal of living during this pandemic. Thousands were laid off, shops closed travel restrictions, and social distancing was imposed as a third of the world practiced some form of lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. And all of this is taking on the world’s economy and business. Industries like airlines, import exports, retailers, tourism, restaurants, and many such industries services have been hit; some are harder than others.

Among these, the industry that has taken the biggest blow is the tourism industry. Booming with travelers before, now even the busiest parts of the world are silent with no one to be seen on the streets. As most businesses have moved online adapting to the new world with everything being online adapt to the new world like e-learning, online services, etc.,  other businesses like airlines, import, and export, tourism, etc. have been struggling to keep up taking a massive toll as people are strangled in their houses.

The places that used to boom with visitors and travelers from all around the world like “Eiffel Tower”, “Nigeria Falls”, etc. are now silent, with no people whatsoever. With hotels, guest houses, main attractions, and the overall place is in lockdown, there is no way that these places can open up anytime soon and be deemed as safe for even travelers. Especially, since the countries that boomed with tourists are the countries that suffered the most from COVID, it seems that reopening those countries for tourism would be foolish.  However, this might not be the case for smaller countries like Nepal where corona cases are very few and traveling the country is very safe.


The corona pandemic has been no less of a disappointment in Nepal than in comparison to other countries in the world. For a country that relies so heavily on the tourism industry, the whole situation has been a hit blow to Nepal’s situation. With hundreds of thousands of people involved in tourism being jobless and no tourists in a season where millions of tourists were expected to visit, the tourism industry of Nepal is in the worst shape possible.


  • With the announcement of Visit Nepal- 2020, Nepal had prepared itself to brace more tourists this year than any other year. Nepal had prepared fully for the Visit Nepal, establishing new hotels, resorts, carrying out cleaning campaigns for the tourist sites, renovating the historical and cultural sites, extending roads, expanding communism, and much more to welcome tourists to the best version of Nepal and make it a very hospitable and fun stay. 
  • However, as soon as cases of COVID-19 increased all around the world, the lockdown was soon announced to ensure the safety of citizens and lower the cases of the corona which made and citizens more responsible for the disease and how to outsmart the global pandemic. So the wind of realization has hit the people regarding the importance of heritages.
  • Even today, not more than 20,000 cases of corona have been reported in Nepal which is a lot fewer cases in comparison to other counties. With the lockdown still going on in the districts deemed as a risk zone, places within Nepal where corona cases are very few are slowly reopening to business. We are announcing to the world that we are opening up the tourism industry again.
  • Nepal is reopening to everybody around the world again and opening its arms to welcome travelers and tourists again. We want people to explore nature and finally feel the fresh air outside. And what better place is there to visit other than the land of the Himalayas. A place where the mountains stand proud, the rivers of the white waters glisten and sparkle, a place where you will find nature at your palm is welcoming everyone to come to get a glance of it and fill their thirst to be out in the wild after 8 months of being cooped up in their houses.
  • We are opening up again while still ensuring the safety and health of the people who visit us. There are strict protocols the government has issued and more strict rules that travel agencies, hotels, etc. follow to make the visit not only enjoyable but also safe. Hence, this is why you will not regret coming here and exploring what you missed being locked up in your house for quite a long time. Nepal ensures not only your safety but will take care of your entertainment and enjoyment.

Why is it safe to travel to Nepal after Corona Virus?

Nepal is a country of great beauty, filled with eye-catching mountains, sparkling white rivers, and gleeful people. It is a land of diverse cultures and natural heritage. Even if you travel any part of the world in the world will you sadly won’t find any other country with such a rich treasure of culture, religion, and people with great hospitality. Here people believe that guests are the same as gods.

In today’s situation of COVID-19, when millions of people would be flooding Nepal to see the beauty with their own two eyes, there are no tourists coming in due to the pandemic causing great harm to Nepal’s tourism industry. However, the hopes of people are rising up, as Nepal is reopening slowly with the start of domestic and international flights. As the situation in Nepal progresses to be better, it looks like our prayers have worked as businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc is opening up with permits while taking safety precautions. While other businesses like cinema, etc. are still not permitted due to chances of overcrowding people, it looks like the whole tourism industry is slowly opening up.

With great hope that everything is opening up slowly, we have taken the responsibility to make make the stay of people who visit Nepal memorable and also, safe. Hence, here is why Nepal is highly safe to travel:

  • High Quality and Safe accommodation

The tourism industry is one of the main income sources in our country. Hence, in order to tend to the needs of tourists, we have equally luxurious, comfortable, and safe resorts, hotels, and many more options of accommodations in equally beautiful places. These resorts and hotels are placed in front of high-standing snowy mountains, glistening waters of lakes, and rivers where you can enjoy nature from your hotel balcony.

Due to the COVID situation, such places are strictly cleansed every day to kill viruses. The hotel/ resorts will have everything you need and will care for your needs with the utmost hospitality and care. The accommodations here are known to have 100% customer satisfaction as we tend to everyone’s need with everything we have got. The beautiful resorts near lakeside Pokhara, hotels in Lumbini, etc. will not disappoint you. Instead, you will be in awe of the quality of services, safety, precautions we take in order to ensure your safety, good health, and enjoyment.

  •   Airport Security

You will arrive in Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu where you will be welcomed by your agency staff with huge smiles. However, before leaving the airport, you will be strictly checked by Nepalese security and be instructed to take the RT-PCR test to check for corona contamination. If the test comes out negative, you are free to explore Nepal following safety precautions.

In case, the test comes out positive, you will still enjoy your time here as you will be quarantined in very luxurious 5-star hotels while being treated at well-equipped hospitals like Grande Hospital. While in your quarantine, you will still be treated as our precious guest and be provided with good food, quality service, and everything you will need to recover and be healthy again. You will be escorted to places where you will be healed with nature and medical help. We have hotels and resorts where you can enjoy the beauty of Nepal from your hotel room. There you will be treated with full hospitality and care. It is a proven fact that nature heals in no time. Not only will you still enjoy your quarantine but you will recover your immunity and be stronger than ever.

The RT-PCR tests will be taken as you enter Nepal and leave Nepal with the help of well-equipped and qualified staff in the airport. So, you need not worry about your well-being as we will take full care of that.

  •   Social Distancing in Public

Lockdown system is still practiced in some places of Nepal deemed not safe due to higher corona cases, especially around the border area. However, in places that are open, citizens compulsorily have to wear masks and keep their distance from each other in public. Everyone who goes out of their house has to wear a mask. Businesses big or small like Banks, hospitals, bakeries, small shops, etc. have hand sanitizers at their doors that one needs to use before entering and some places even check the temperature of customers to maintain extra safety of citizens.

This has widely reduced the spread of corona in Nepal indicating that the methods we use are working properly. Also, in case anyone doesn’t wear a mask, security works, guards, etc. are there to take care of it. Hence, we can agree that Nepal is indeed very safe.

  •   Travel Agency and its Safety Strategy

Travel agencies around Nepal are making their own policies and following the government’s regulations to ensure the safety and health of their customers and staff. Such agencies are cleaned and cleansed every day to reduce the chances of the virus spreading. Travel agencies are also providing masks and gloves 3 times a day for extra protection of their guests and to reduce the chances of contamination. Different companies and agencies have come up with various strategies to provide their clients with the best services they can while still maintaining their well-being.

At the end of the day: our goals are simple and clear: to make the stay of everyone who visits Nepal fun and safe.

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